We design & integrate responsive, informed security postures.


With years of experience tackling the challenges facing government agencies, we have the engineering depth and flexibility to tackle the most complex IT security environments. We have the resources to assess, diagnose and solve the issues unique to government networks. We are not just advisors, but practical, hands-on problem solvers.


YOur comprehensive resource

  • Education & action to meet the evolving challenges of the IT landscape
  • Keeping contemporary and consistent in everything from CyberSecurity to Data Loss Prevention to Identity Management
  • Creating and maintaining a system keeping your information secure and private
  • Tracking and defending against the latest Cyber attacks and vulnerabilities emerging in data storage and mobile applications
  • Regularly and effectively assessing, diagnosing and solving challenges as they arise

BAttle TEsted & trusted 

We have helped more than 100 counties with security strategy.

This includes:

  • Deploying pen tests and comprehensive assessments
  • Designing and implementing security technology solutions
  • Creating and enforcing policy to minimize vulnerability on the user level
  • Taking on an interim CISO role to guide Security Policy from the top-down
  • A whole lot more than that


Global Financial giants rely on our our SIEM deployments.

We are no strangers to a highly regulated environment. We know how to work with complex security within a budget.

Hospitals depend on our DLP deployments

We know how to bring visibility and responsiveness to the most sensitive and complex networks.